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me & my service dog-in-training, luna lovegood  @ jakerosmarinphotography

me & my service dog-in-training, luna lovegood


hi, everyone! i'm em (em. emily. m-l-e.). infp, ravenclaw, princess of alderaan, queen of narnia, and lost girl of neverland.

things i like: puppies (all dogs are puppies), musical theater, a cappella, turquoise, the ocean, pixar, ice cream, film scores, summer rain, a full moon, card games, feminism, the stars, sailing, typewriters, impressionist art, a good puzzle, museums, words that sound like what they are (prickle, snuggle, turtle)

things i dislike: crowds, things that crawl (minus the star wars crawl), unresolved chords, capital letters

anyway, welcome to my blog! luna and i are happy to have you :)

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